This infuriates me.

Not because that the family practices polygamy or that they have interpreted religious scripture wrongly, but it’s the fact that these women (and possibly) men are duped into the idea that only good wives give good sex, and if a good wife can give good sex, the husband won’t stray and it’ll be a happy, harmonious relationship.

The Prophet Muhammad took in three other wives alongside his first because the other three women were invalid or widowed; the Islamic nations were at war and said women lost their husbands, and therefore, lost any means, especially financially, to survive on their own. He did it to protect and provide for them, not because he had a raging boner that cannot be calmed by one woman.

No. No. No. No.

You want to take four wives and have 23 children? I’m not going to judge you, who am I to say what can or cannot make another person happy?

But I am deeply embarrassed that these people still do not understand that sex is merely just a bonus of a loving and healthy relationship. Marriage, and really, any relationship, is built on trust, love, security, understanding and support of one another. If your significant other is too sick/tired/pregnant to have some sexy times, try to be understanding, but do not start beating on her or complaining that you’re unfulfilled because her biological needs outweighed yours that one night.

I need to spread this on Tumblr. We need to shut this club down somehow :< Deviant teachings don’t even cover it, it should be a crime against humanity to revert women to sex objects and men objectified as raging sex beasts.

This is pretty disgusting. No human being should be allowed to raise their hand to another human being because they do not “fulfill” their sexual desire.